Metrobility R5000

Metrobility R5000

17 Slot Chassis-based Platform with two AC or DC PSUs

Metrobility R5000

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The Radiance Chassis Platforms provide a flexible, scalable and manageable means for integrating coax; Category 3, 4 or 5 twisted pair; and singlemode or multimode fiber optic LAN segments into Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, SONET and TDM environments. Metrobility offers four chassis platforms to support its wide range of interface and access line cards.

Rackmount Chassis
The Radiance R5000 is a NEBS Level 3 certified 19” or 23” rack-mountable 2U platform which supports two rear-loading, redundant, load-sharing, hot-swap AC or DC power supplies, 16 slots for connectivity, and one slot for optional management access. The Radiance R1000 is a NEBS Level 3 certified 1U rack-mounted unit with dual, load-sharing AC or DC power, and accommodates two line cards. The R5000 and R1000 have separate bus paths for management, data and power for more efficient internal communications.

Standalone Chassis
The R400 is a Class B certified standalone unit which, like the R1000, accommodates two line cards. The R400 is available with external AC power.

The R200 is a Class B certified standalone unit which accommodates a single line card. The R200 is equipped with an internal AC or DC power supply. By utilizing special brackets, the R200 and R400 devices are able to be mounted to a wall or in a rack.

Line Card Options
The Radiance Chassis support a wide range of copper to fiber and fiber to fiber connectivity options as well as remote access and wavelength multiplexing.

Radiance Access Line Cards and Services Line
Cards support real-time management of each link - including remote loopback testing, and analog statistics for platform power, temperature and optical laser levels, and dynamic bandwidth provisioning, - without consuming any valuable user bandwidth. Radiance Interface Line Cards offer media conversion, distance, speed, and line protection and restoration options to cost-effectively and reliably distribute fiber optic connections.

Management and Stacking
Metrobility’s Management Card supplies the management access and reports individual line card status to NetBeacon®, Metrobility’s SNMP-based element management system. The management card also includes an embedded web kernel called WebBeacon™ to allow remote access using any standard web browser and enables additional management via CLI, telnet and HP OpenView®.

The Radiance Chassis Stacking Line Card is designed to enable up to 7 chassis and 109 remote sites (using Access Line Cards) to be managed under a singe IP address. This ability provides visibility and remote software control over the entire stack, along with notifi cation of a problem or failure to the network administrator. In a stacked configuration, the 'master' chassis must have a chassis stacking line card and an R502-M management card. Three (3) cards are required in chained configuration for stacks greater than four chassis. The Management Card and Chassis Stacking Line Card each requires one slot in the chassis.

Data Sheets

Metrobility R5000 Data sheet
Last Updated: 2012-03-22