Municipalities / Government

Municipal government serves a diverse customer base which includes not only administrative offices, but also medical facilities, emergency response teams, and public safety departments. It is critical that they deploy a communications infrastructure which can deliver multiple services across a wide geographic region reliably and securely. The advantages of a high-speed, broadband metro area network include: 

  • reduced administrative costs for government offices 
  • improved emergency response 
  • enhanced the safety for citizens 
  • improved education
While this metro infrastructure may look like an extended enterprise LAN, it needs to support a broad range of services including: 
  • Centralized data center operations 
  • Legacy PBX voice 
  • Video surveillance 
  • HD conferencing 
  • Medical imaging 
  • High-speed Internet access 
The challenge lies in constructing a multi-service, metro-based telecommunications network that is cost-effective, reliable, and easily managed.
Telco Systems offers a complete Ethernet metro solution that can support hundreds of thousands of services and users. Traffic can be aggregated from each access node into a mini-core that supports MPLS and VPLS for a fast, reliable and scalable infrastructure. 

An intuitive service management system gives network operators visibility into each service. Services can be easily provisioned, monitored, maintained and optimized through a familiar user interface.
Value Proposition
  • Range of QoS mechanisms that allow for differentiated services 
  • Full Ethernet OAM capabilities (IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.1ag CFM, ITU-T Y.1731 and MEF Service OAM) 
  • VPLS or 802.1ad transport technologies as well as pseudowire and Circuit Emulation 
  • Multiple redundancy technologies like MPLS reroute, ITU-T G.8031/8032, LACP, and resilient link 
  • Low latency and ability to set static routes for infrastructure replacement 
  • Variety of security mechanisms to ensure network security and data integrity 
  • Proven interoperability 
  • Sophisticated, yet intuitive, service management tools that support the full life cycle deployment of services

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