The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA®) specifications are a series of PICMG specifications which target the requirements for the next generation of carrier grade communications equipment. Based on PICMG 3.X specifications, AdvancedTCA solutions incorporate the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, next-generation processors that support high reliability, availability and serviceability.Compatible with established technologies, the AdvancedTCA solution ensures multi-vendor interoperability, offering flexibility in applications, in a chassis-based platform. With commitment from top silicon and software vendors, AdvancedTCA architectures are deployed worldwide by a wide range of industries that require a high-performance computing platform including telecommunications, cloud, military, and aerospace.Central to the ATCA architecture is the ATCA switch blade that provides connectivity between ATCA chassis slots and between chassis. 

AdvancedTCA Switch Blades
System integrators tasked with creating a customized ATCA platform are challenged to accelerate product development to meet customer needs. Performance and scalability challenges for 40G applications, such as LTE, security, cloud services, policy access control, IPTV, IMS and deep packet inspection, create highly variable bandwidth demands and traffic patterns which adversely impact system resources further complicating product development.

Since these integrators often lack expertise in carrier switching to support traffic engineering, OAM, and HQoS requirement, switch blades which incorporate a robust carrier-class operating system which address these performance issues can significantly reduce their time to market.

In order for system integrators to focus on their core business, they require solutions that offer a fully tested, carrier-grade operating system to ensure high performance between blades and highly reliable and available communication within the network.
Telco Systems’ T-ATCA switch blades include a field-proven, carrier-grade network operating system, BiNOX, that enables faster integration and a more robust solution, providing a complete networking solution for ATCA platforms.

BiNOX offers superior control and security while delivering wire-speed Layer 2-4 networking. The OS manages traffic congestion and provides low latency connections which are mandatory in Telco grade environments. Patent-pending load balancing expands the limited parameters of other switches by using additional and unique fields, engines and resources to control the flow of traffic to the best destination at wire speed. This feature contributes to high availability, improves performance, and reduces cost by eliminating the need for expensive external devices.

The T-ATCA404 is the first 40G ATCA switch of its kind in the market, and includes MPLS support, OAM capabilities, an extensive set of management features (Netconf, SNMP V3), market-ready IPv4/v6 routing, protection and redundancy, clock synchronization, and a unique load balancing mechanism.

The Telco Systems T-ATCA product family delivers unparalleled connectivity to ATCA platforms supporting 1/10/40G interfaces on the FI switch and 1/10G interfaces on the BI switch.