Service ready Open uCPE
Run Optimized SD-WAN, Router and Firewall on COTS White-box

Built on Telco Systems’ innovative NFVTime-OS and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) white-box, the NFVTime-Verge portfolio introduces a powerful array of uCPE appliances, supporting out-of-the-box managed router, security and SD-WAN functions.

Any additional VNF can be added remotely with zero-touch service provisioning to enable the upselling of new services.

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The Verge hardware portfolio includes a wide range of Intel® based CPUs, ranging from the Intel Atom to powerful Skylake and Xeon processors can address broad business and deployment models up to 10Gbps and for a variety complex service chains.

NFVTime-Verge is designed to provide out-of-the-box, high-performance that is enabled by the innovative NFVTIme-OS architecture, and leverages Telco Systems joint performance-optimization efforts with hardware and VNF vendors. As a result, you can deploy 1-10 Gbps for service chains containing SD-WAN, security, and routing functions on low-cost devices. Scale-up uCPE deployments by addressing targeted market and customer segments with the right price-to-functionality-to- performance mix.

Adopt NFVTime-Verge and shorten the time-to-launch of SD-WAN and other network services without reducing the agility, flexibility and openness of the uCPE. You can remotely install any additional VNF/service provided by Telco Systems or third party providers.
  • Price-performance optimization
  • Run multiple VNFs on low cost hardware
  • Any VNF hardware acceleration, DPDK; VirtIO; SRIOV and Mix-Mode
  • Extensive pre-certified and world- class VNFs library
  • WiFi and LTE support
  • uCPE management and orchestration
  • Complete carrier-grade uCPE and service lifecycle management
  • Open uCPE platforms using Intel CPU models: Atom, Skylake, Xeon
  • Designed for easy integration

Verge-SD WAN

Verge SD-WAN delivers a scalable, multitenant solution that provides secure and reliable virtual overlays used to connect users to applications. Gain the flexibility to deploy any combination of MPLS, broadband and LTE transport services without compromising network or application performance.


This cost-effective, high-performance vRouter supports cutting-edge network capabilities, yet is optimized to run on a small-scale hardware device using a general purpose computing architecture. It runs on Open uCPE and allows you to remotely add any additional VNF.


Verge-Sec is a cost-effective, high-performance vSecurity solution, offering a best-of-breed firewall and other advanced security capabilities such as DDOS protection, IPS/IDS, content filtering, malware sandbox, and more.

Verge VNF library

All NFVTime Verge integrated solutions are extensible, integrating additional network functions drawn from an extensive VNF partner ecosystem using flexible pricing models, including pay-as-you-grow, try-and-buy, and others.

Any NFVTime-Verge solution can be pre-configured or remotely loaded with a variety of additional VNF services that are certified and tested by Telco Systems. Customers can also load any other VNF and test, configure and run it in their business environment.
Telco Systems Verge solutions support a broad range of X86 appliances with a variety of CPU, memory, storage and network capabilities. Device configurations are flexible and can be customized to the customer’s needs. The Verge uCPE can be equipped with LTE and WiFi interfaces.
  Verge-White 1000 Verge-WAN 2000 Verge-Router 3000 Verge-Sec 4000
# Cores 4/8/16/32 4/8/16/32 4/8/16/32 4/8/16/32
CPU Type Intel Atom C2558/C2758, Intel SkyLake i3/i5/i7, Intel Xeon-D/Xeon-E
RAM 8GB/16GB/32GB/32GB
Storage 500GB HDD/1TB HDD/128GB SSD/256GB SSD/512GB SSD
vRouter Optional Optional + Optional
vFW Optional Optional Optional +
SD-WAN Optional + Optional Optional

Data Sheets

NFVTime-Verge Datasheet
Last Updated: 2018-02-19