Multilayer 10 Gigabit Ethernet Service Switch

The T5C-XG multilayer 10G Ethernet switch is a member of Telco Systems’ field-proven T5C family of Carrier Ethernet switches (CES). 

The T5C-XG’s high performance, availability and form factor are ideal for broadband triple-play service aggregation and business Ethernet services.

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The T5C-XG multilayer Ethernet switch is a member of Telco Systems’ field-proven T5C family of Carrier Ethernet switches.

The T5C-XG utilizes Telco Systems' Networking Operating System (BiNOS) to provide the robust administration, management, QoS, and security performance requirements demanded by Carrier Ethernet networks. T5C-XG service multiplexing capability enables service providers to deliver multiple, isolated, services on a per-port and/or a per-flow basis. Provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of each individual service can be done without impacting other services.

The T5C-XG offers the carrier an ideal solution, incorporating high capacity in a compact size (only 1.5RU in height, 10 inches in depth). T5C-XG supports 24 Gigabit Ethernet plug-in (SFP) ports, two 10Gigabit XFP ports and an expansion slot that houses two 10Gigabit ports.
The T5C-XG supports redundant power feeds and a hot-swappable fan tray. The T5C-XG provides a wide set of QoS features that enable the service provider to have a granular control over the behavior of traffic and services in the network. In addition, the T5C-XG delivers a comprehensive set of security features for authentication, connectivity and access control.

The T5C-XG provides an essential combination of QoS, security and multicast features allowing the service provider to successfully deploy triple-play services, thus enhancing its competitive edge.

T5C-XG is fully manageable via SNMP or CLI with either In-band (IB) or Out-of-Band (OOB) management tools. The CLI complies with the de facto industry standard Administrators can use industry-standard SNMP-based network management systems, or BiNOSCenter NG EMS/NMS Element/Network Management System. It provides the network operator with a state-of-the-art, powerful, SNMP based configuration, monitoring and maintenance
  • 10Gigabit Ethernet, wirespeed, non-blocking, Carrier Ethernet service switch
  • Purpose-built, highly available, Carrier Ethernet equipment
  • MEF, IEEE, ITU-T and IETF standards compliant for multivendor interoperability
  • Embedded BiNOS Operating System - learn once for all our platforms
  • Enhanced Quality-of-Service (QoS) and service granularity support
  • Enhanced security and maximum protection
  • Complete professional manage-ment tools for best control of your network
  • 24 Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet SFP-based ports and two 10Gigabit Ethernet XFP ports
  • Additional two 10Gigabit Ethernet XFP ports via expansion module
  • Compact size – 1.5RU height, 19” rack mountable metal enclosure, 10’’ depth
  • Triple-Play Service and Broadband Aggregation
  • Hub & Spoke Layer 2 Fiber Aggregation
  • Layer 2 VPN Service
  • Cost-effective, Metro Ethernet Access and Aggregation Rings
  • High Speed Access
  • Data center consolidation

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