Metrobility Delta Class M643

Metrobility Delta Class M643

10/100 Standalone

Metrobility Delta Class M643
Designed for desktop or wall mount use in any modern office, this versatile device auto-negotiates from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, allowing existing 10Mbps devices to communicate over a 100Mbps backbone.

10/100 Auto-negotiation and media conversion

Network administrators enjoy the benefit of retaining existing 10Mbps devices while upgrading segments of the network as needed. As a media converter, the unit supports mixed media networks by enabling copper-to-fiber media conversion.

On select models, bidirectional wavelength division multiplexing (BWDM) offers an interface that carries two separate channels in different directions through a single strand of fiber. BWDM eliminates the need to install a second fiber and effectively doubles the fiber capacity on existing fiber cables.

Unique Troubleshooting Features

Network technicians can now test the integrity of the entire fiber line using the remote loopback feature on the fiber port reducing cost and time. LED indicators for Far End Fault also show whether the remote fiber port is receiving a valid signal from the local unit.

When Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) is enabled, the ports do not transmit a link signal until they receive a link signal from the opposite port.

Unparalleled Operational Features

The Delta Class AutoTwister offers un-paralleled performance over long distances - up to 100km - through retiming of the signal. Delta Class integral retiming reduces any jitter to ensure data integrity. Additional features include shared network segment isolation, and auto-negotiation of duplex and speed configurations.

Physical Features

The Delta Class has a sleek new design that incorporates a lightweight, impact resistant enclosure that is made of high durability, fade resistant engineered plastic. The unit is wall mountable and provides channels for cable and power cord management and cable protection. Link and activity LEDs are easily viewed on the top cover.

The unit meets all domestic and international EMI and EMC (static electricity) requirements and passes EN60950 safety and impact standards.

By utilizing state-of-art technology in both the electronics and the enclosure, the Delta Class AutoTwister offers a cost-effective product in a rugged lightweight enclosure with superior feature advantages.