Press Releases

Mar 31, 2020

Telco Systems Covid-19 Statement

The COVID-19 pandemic is a powerful reminder that we are all connected. In this crisis, communications networks have become extremely critical infrastructure. Millions of people around the globe rely on these networks for business continuity, working from home, e-learning and connecting with their to loved ones.

As a networking company, our products are now at the forefront of these vital services. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously as we partner with our customers to ensure continuous connectivity today and prepare for the future.

Service providers around the world have experienced traffic surges on their networks. This trend is expected to continue in the coming weeks as entire populations remain at home. One predicted outcome of this crisis is an ongoing adoption of remote working and learning as communication networks assume an increasingly critical part of our everyday lives.

Given the situation, we have increased our support services to help our customers and partners in these trying time. Our supply chain and inventory are in a robust position to meet rising demands from existing and new customers, as we accelerate delivery of crucial solutions to overcome our customers pressing concerns.

We are here to support you through this crisis and help you meet the challenges ahead as our world becomes more connected and virtualized.

Together, we can build your intelligent network for the future.

Stay connected, stay healthy!

Best regards,

Ariel Efrati, CEO