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Jul 17, 2019

Telco Systems Launches Groundbreaking 1.2Tb Service Aggregation and Cloud Gateway Platform

T-Metro 8104 facilitates emerging use cases with ultra-high capacity, modularity and compute capabilities at network edge

MANSFIELD, MA, July 17, 2019 – Telco Systems, the leading provider of innovative SDN/NFV, CE 2.0, MPLS and IP solutions, today announced the availability of its groundbreaking T-Metro 8104 service aggregation and cloud gateway platform that enables telecom operators to stay ahead of the insatiable demand for bandwidth, evolving business services and smarter connectivity. T-Metro 8104 is a compact, high density, modular platform that delivers 1.2Tb throughput with flexible, pay-as-you-grow options: base configuration expandable from 40 up to 88 SFP+ ports; optional additional CPU; optional OAM module.

T-Metro 8104 is the first CE2.0 compliant, modular, multipurpose service aggregation and cloud gateway platform available at the ultra-high capacity of 1.2Tb. It combines a high density, standalone carrier Ethernet platform for MPLS, Layer 3 and SDN, with powerful service aggregation capacity.

T-Metro 8104 with its ultra-high capacity and flexibility positions operators to take advantage of the transformation enabled by 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing. Its service scalability, carrier-class resiliency and advanced features include QoS and OAM for multiple scenarios, including off-net aggregation, mobile backhaul and optional SLA testing diagnostics. T-Metro 8104 supports the connectivity to the Cloud for these new data-intensive services in terms of both overall capacity and performance.

Since the growth in bandwidth requirements is a certainty, T-Metro 8104 enables telcos and managed service providers to make initial investments according to their current needs. The modular architecture of T-Metro 8104 allows service providers to add capacity and interfaces at any time, expanding as necessary without expensive forklift replacements.

By positioning a high capacity aggregation and compute platform at the network edge, T-Metro 8104 brings the Cloud closer to the customer and increases serviceability, while also offloading workloads from the network core.

“With this new product release, we are continuing to push best-in-class performance and functionality to the network edge,” explained Gabriel Kerner, Vice President of Products and Business Development at Telco Systems. “Our commitment is to constantly bring to market innovative new networking technologies and our extensive deployment track record positions Telco Systems as the vendor partner of choice for telcos and managed service providers that are transforming their connectivity and services to meet the ever-growing digital needs of their business customers.”

For more information, please visit the T-Metro 8104 product page on Telco System’s web site.